Gardener in AllotmentsWest Bergholt Allotment Holders

The Allotments of the village are maintaining their popularity; however, the Allotment Committee (as of January 2020) currently has a number of plots available.

Those living within the Parish Boundary will have priority when vacant plots are allocated; however, those in surrounding locations can still apply.

Site Management

The Parish Council entrusts the management of the Allotment Site to The West Bergholt Allotment Holders Site Committee (see below); they meet about three times a year.  Volunteers make up the committee and provide an interface between plot holders and the Parish Council; they help maintain the standards and rules applied by the Parish Council and interests of plot holders.

If you are interested in taking on an allotment then please do please contact the Allotment Association Committee.  Details are on the notice board at the allotment site, as are the names of those currently waiting for a plot.  Or, you can just apply either by email to, or phone 01206 241256, with the following details:

  • name,
  • date of birth,
  • full address,
  • postcode,
  • phone number &
  • email address

Before applying please take time to read the Allotment Guidelines and also the Allotment Rules displayed on this page.  If you require more information please use the contact details above.

Minutes & Notices

Aerial view of allotmentsRecent committee minutes & other information of interest to Allotment Holders and gardeners generally will be posted here periodically:

Recent Allotment News

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To view all Allotment Notices & News please visit the news feed tagged allotments as follows:-

Trustees of the Allotments

West Bergholt Parish Council is the sole trustee of the New Allotments Trust.

All Parish Councillors are automatically members of the New Allotments Trust.  The Trust Secretary is Laura Walkinshaw (Parish Clerk), 80 Chapel Rd, W Bergholt, CO6 3HL, 01206 240772.

Allotment Holders’ Site Committee

Chairperson Terry Claydon 01206 241256
07393 026334
Secretary Norma Smith
(Parish Councillor)
01206 242540
Committee Members Harry Stone
(Parish Councillor)
01206 241026
Mervyn Donnelly 01206 241656
Graham Welham 01206 241632
Paul Walker 07943 908709
Lynda Robinson 01206 241429
Stuart Meadows 01206 240412

(Any plot holder wishing to join the committee should contact the Chairperson).

Allotment Dates for Oct 2019 – Sep 2020


First Tuesday in the month between Oct 2019 and Sep 2020:

  • 1st Oct,
  • 5th Nov,
  • 7th Apr,
  • 5th May,
  • 2nd Jun,
  • 7th Jul,
  • 4th Aug, and
  • 1st Sep.

All 18:00 – 20:00 except Nov 16:00 – 18:00.

Site Meetings:

All Plot Holders Welcome.  These will take place on Sunday 19th April and Sunday 26th July and start at 10.00.

Site Plot Inspections:

During April, August and December 2020.

Committee Meetings

Starting at 19:30 on:

  • 17th October,
  • 16th January 2020,
  • 9th April, and
  • 16th July.


For Allotment Plot Holders ONLY) – Saturday 16th November 2019 (09:30 – 11:30)

Allotment Rules

The following rules have been issued by West Bergholt Parish Council with effect from 1st July 2015.

  1. Chapel Road allotments are available for the purposes of cultivation only.
  2. Allotment tenancies to be held from the 1st October to 30th September annually. Rent invoices will be distributed early in September. Rents for this year only will be for 18 months from Apr 2017 to Sep 2018. Payments can be made by cheque or cash with payment slips which should be returned to Clerk of Parish Council – Mrs Laura Walkingshaw, 80 Chapel Road, West Bergholt, Colchester, CO6 3HL (Cheques made payable to West Bergholt Parish Council with name and plot no(s) on the back).
    Alternatively you can pay by BACS directly into the village account using the details below and adding the reference “Allotments” together with your plot no(s):  “West Bergholt Parish Council”.  Barclays Bank A/C 90949280  Sort Code 20-22-67.
  3. The Parish Council will, at its meeting in October, take proceedings to recover unpaid rents or to reallocate unpaid plots.
  4. No allotment holder may sub-let his or her holding or any part thereof without the written consent of the Clerk to the Parish Council, but those tenants who find difficulty in managing a plot, yet wish to continue a tenancy, are encouraged to find a friend with whom to share.
  5. Allotment holders wishing to give up a plot can give notice to the Clerk to the Parish Council at any time and not later than 30th September, failing which they will be responsible for the succeeding year’s rent.
  6. Any vacant plot will be allocated according to the waiting list held by the Allotment Management Committee.
  7. If, in the opinion of the Council, any piece of allotment has been badly cultivated, or less than ¾ is cultivated, the holder shall, after being warned by the Council, forfeit the same at the end of a period of notice of 1 month.
  8. Any plot holder terminating a tenancy or having a tenancy withdrawn will be allowed a 14 day period to clear their plot. This may be extended by the Parish Clerk in exceptional circumstances otherwise the allotment committee will become responsible for all remaining items on a plot and dispose of them appropriately.
  9. From the 1st Apr 2017 the Plots have been calculated in square metres. Rents will apply depending on 1 of 4 bands which plot falls into. Band A <=80 sqm £10 (£10), Band B 85-105 sqm £16 (£11), Band C 106-130 sqm £19 (£13) and Band D >= 131 sqm £20 (£14) – Note Concessions in Brackets.
  10. Allotment holders must keep footpaths and tracks adjacent to their plots clean, tidy and reasonably free from weeds – no weed killer should be used on footpaths or tracks. Allotment waste must be composted or disposed of by the allotment holder and must not be placed on any vacant plot, footpath, track or any ditch.
  11. Allotment holders wishing to erect sheds on their plots must first seek the approval of the Parish Council by submitting in writing the design, size of the shed and proposed location on plot, which should not exceed 6′ x 4’. Sheds are only allowed on in bands B – D; for plots in band A a tool chest only can be erected but it is not to exceed 1 metre high, 1m wide and 2m long. Poly tunnels are to be treated as sheds and should not exceed 10’ X 6’.  Greenhouses are not permitted.
  12. The use of hosepipes from the allotment taps is forbidden. No washing of equipment or veg/fruit should take place in water tanks. Also to ensure no cross contamination between chemicals (i.e. weed killer) and water in tanks. Water supply will be turned off from December 1st to March 31st.
  13. Fruit trees are to be kept to not more than 10 feet in height. They must be pruned regularly and not impede pathways or neighbouring plots.
  14. Communal bonfires may be held on the first Tuesday of each month between April and November, weather permitting. Only dry and combustible organic waste should be burnt. No waste should be brought to the site until the afternoon of the fire. The Parish Council is concerned about waste accumulating at the bonfire site and so failure to adhere to this ruling could result in the tenancy of a plot being withdrawn.  See Allotment Notice board for actual times, dates and conditions.  No other bonfires are permitted.  A skip will be provided in mid-November for non-combustible waste.
  15. All Vehicles are not permitted on to the site whatsoever from the 1st November to the 31st March
    During other times access is only for dropping off or picking up equipment/waste etc. and not for parking, unless special permission is given by Parish Clerk. This is to ensure the track is not damaged.
  16. The bringing of dogs onto the site is strongly discouraged but if it is necessary they must strictly be on a lead and tethered as necessary.
  17. The Parish Council, as Trustees, reserves the right to amend any of the bylaws.

By Order of the Parish Council
Laura Walkingshaw
Clerk to the Parish Council

If you are interested in allotments you might also be interested in the West Bergholt Gardeners’ Association or the  Colne Valley Flower Club.