Day 2 - focus on social distancingDay 2 of Lockdown

So Day 2 of the COVID-19 lockdown and hopefully everybody is getting into the swing of things.  It helps that the skies are blue especially if you are able to get outside for your daily exercise.  Odd not to see vapour trails in the sky but that is probably good for the environment.  So, on to news updates:

Police Warnings

Fake Products/Websites

A man has already appeared in court for making fake coronavirus testing/treatment kits and selling them worldwide. These kits contain harmful chemicals and police are warning anyone who had bought one of these kits not to use it. Report to Action Fraud, quoting “Trinity CV19 treatment kits”.
  • During this time, be aware of fake websites and suspicious links. Criminals will advertise products they know to be in short supply, such as hand sanitiser, face masks and ‘treatments’.
  • Claims like ‘100% safe’, ‘No side effects’ and ‘Quick results’ should be warning signs.

Fake Emails

There are a number of fake emails circulating claiming to be from health organisations (such as the World Health Organisation or US Centre for Disease Control), with attached ‘safety advice’ which when clicked downloads malware to infect the device.
  • Ensure you check where an email has come from – is the email address suspicious?
  • Never click on any suspicious links or open any documents on emails that you were not expecting – do not let your curiosity get the better of you!

Elderly individuals targeted by doorstep scammers.

The elderly are being increasingly targeted by doorstep scammers due to their increased isolation from family and friends. Criminals are posing as police and health officials, sometimes offering to carry out a coronavirus test on their doorstep in exchange for cash.
  • Be vigilant as always, do not accept offers on the doorstep.
  • Always confirm who the person is, using a trusted number – genuine officials will always wait.

Thieves offering to shop for the elderly and then keeping their money.

Thieves posing as good Samaritans are offering to complete shopping trips on behalf of the elderly, before keeping the money or bank cards that are handed over.
  • Treat such invitations with caution.
  • Never hand over your bank card or details.
  • If vulnerable people are using others to do their shopping, ensure it is someone they know or from a trusted source.

Pension Exploitation

Pension savers have been warned to be extra vigilant of criminals seeking to prey on people anxieties amid the pandemic. As markets are affected and people seek to increase their savings, it may make people look to make snap decisions that could have serious consequences.
  • As always, the advice remains – do not respond to cold callers.
  • Take your time to think things through carefully and do your own research (even if you are being offered a ‘limited time deal’).
  • If something looks too good to be true – it usually is.

Allotments Newsletter V2 – Guidance during COVID-19 Pandemic

Following the instructions around movement and gatherings from the Prime Minister on 23 March 2020, we understand the situation at the moment it is still permitted to visit your plot, ideally on your own to take daily exercise. It is vitally important that you follow all the advice about social distancing and hygiene in the points below and not gather together on site.

Any plot-holder who is self-isolating because a household member is ill with corona-virus should not be visiting the site.

It is important that anyone attending the allotment takes care to stay the appropriate distance from others, avoid body contact and wash hands at tap, do not wash hands or use detergents in the water tanks and please pay attention to notice boards.

It is essential that only plot holders and partner are allowed onto the plots for the duration of this emergency, if you do wish to bring someone to assist with work on the plot please let us know.

Careful consideration should be given to anyone over 70, those with underlying illness or pregnant women.

We are living through a crisis, the likes of which none of us has experienced before, not since war time has the community spirit that exists on allotment sites been more important.  Please remember to look out for one another during these very difficult times.

Plot holders should take the following precautionary measures :

  • Keep hand sanitiser in your shed and wash your hands regularly
  • Gates to remain open during the day.
  • Observe “Social Distancing” with each other 2-3 metres
  • Do not share tools
  • Minimise the contact with each other for example no handshakes
  • Do not wash your hands in water troughs – a tap is available where the 2 tracks meet. Water will be switched on shortly.
  • No gatherings of more than 2 people.
  • Stay away from vulnerable individuals such as the elderly and those with underlying health conditions as much as possible
  • If you display any symptoms of coronavirus stay at home and self-isolate for at least 14 days or until symptoms have passed.
  • It is important that any plot-holders over 70 years and those with underlying health issues follow the guidance and information issued by the government.

Please let us know if you cannot get to your allotment due to self-isolating.

Our contact number is 01206 241256 or 07707580822 [email protected].

Recycling Collections Suspended

Read the CBC notice below.  The Parish Council is seriously concerned about this policy which has potential for some bad outcomes:

  1. The temptation to put recyclables into black bags.
  2. Increases in fly-tipping either in the countryside or commercial and other properties who tend to have large skips.

The PC urges those that can, to retain recyclables until collections resume.  If you can’t retain all of it then prioritise on the basis of the recyclables that are most valuable to recycle, glass, metals and paper/card.

The CBC Announcement

Due to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), we have made the difficult decision to stop all of our recycling collections, other than food waste, from tomorrow (25 March) until further notice.

This has not been an easy decision but means our resources can focus on the critical elements of the service; food waste, black bags and black wheelie bin collections in order to maintain public health and safety. The decision has also been made with the safety and welfare of our staff in mind taking into account government guidance issued on social distancing.

Households will be unable to report missed collections for these items, whilst this service is suspended and will only be able to report missed food waste or black bag/bin collections, if necessary.

Bulky and special waste collections have also been suspended for the foreseeable future.

The Council’s fly-tipping service and assisted collections are operating as normal and litter bins and dog waste bins will also continue to be emptied.

Garden waste collections were suspended for the foreseeable future yesterday.

Essex County Council has also closed its recycling centres until further notice.

Find out more about recycling collections being suspended.

Guidance on rubbish collections

The Council is urging households to act responsibly and protect the health and safety of their communities and our staff delivering this critical service and prevent the spread of the virus through rubbish.

Households are therefore being asked to follow the guidelines on the Love Essex website about how to safely dispose of household rubbish if someone is self-isolating or has coronavirus.

The Council’s Rubbish Collections Exemption Policy which limits households to being able to put out one black wheelie bin or three 60 litre black bags on a Blue Week still applies but will be reviewed as the situation evolves.

On a Green Week, only food waste will be collected for the time being.

For advice and ideas about how to reduce and reuse items, visit Love Essex’s website.

Ideas to reduce your rubbish and food waste

We are also asking everyone to think about ways they can reduce and re-use their waste items where possible. Here are some ideas:

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