Pavement being improved on Colchester RoadPavement Upgraded on Colchester Road

Essex Highways prioritise pavement repairs as County Councillors nominate the most needed works.  Thanks to Councillor Anne Brown, who presented a list of West Bergholt’s top five worst footpaths to the Highways Team, one has already been done.

Work started on Monday resurfacing the footpath between Hop House to Armoury Road, a stretch of path which leads to our well-used bus shelter.  The path had become potholed and dangerous for many of the elderly people who use that bus stop and so was a priority.

All County Members were asked to supply a list from their parishes, although some did not and we are lucky to have a Member as on the ball as Cllr Brown keeping West Bergholt’s needs at the forefront.

Highways Highlights

The programme features in the October edition of Highways Highlights issued by Essex Highways.  Other items that might be of interest include:

  • Options for improvements to the Army & Navy junction in Chelmsford,
  • News of a new pubic footpath technology being trialled in Brentwood:
    Nu-flex is hard-wearing, provides good grip and is slightly flexible.  Walkers, runners, horse
    riders and cyclists have all given it a thumbs up. One huge advantage is that the material is porous.  Even heavy rain just runs straight through leaving the surface dry and free of ice even in the coldest weather,
  • Progress on potholes, pavements & drains.  23 potholes & 61 pavements were fixed in Colchester during September,
  • How to keep track of Gritters
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