Silver Sunday Afternoon Tea

Silver Sunday TeaSilver Sunday – Invitation to Afternoon Tea

For the older members of our community. Particularly if you are elderly, living alone and not fortunate enough to have family and/or friends living nearby this could be for you. You are warmly invited to an Afternoon Tea with folk in a similar situation to yourself. We will provide transport to pick you up from your home, bring you to the tea and return you to your home when the tea has finished.

If you, a neighbour or someone else you know, would like to come to the tea please phone Judith Fletcher (01206 241969) or Andrew Wilks (01206 242511).  If you can let us know you are coming it will help with our arrangements.

Do you know anybody who could attend?

This invitation has been issued by the West Bergholt Methodist Church who have said:

There has been much publicity about the proportion of our population that are elderly is increasing. Also that there is a significant proportion of elderly people who live alone and can be lonely and become isolated. A charitable trust has set up “Silver Sunday” in trying to raise this issue and try to take steps to address it ( We became aware of this and felt we as a Church would like to respond.

As a follow-up to the popular events we have already held this year we are holding another simple afternoon tea on Sunday October 11th at 3.00pm and inviting folk to attend.

We recognise that it could be quite difficult to reach elderly, lonely isolated people and encourage them to come to such an event. We are contacting as many relevant organisations with contacts in the village as possible to seek support with this and are encouraging them to let us know of anyone they feel could be invited.

While it is likely that many of our target audience will not have access to the web it is possible that we might reach some this way or at least neighbours who may know someone to invite.



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