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Day 100 of (flexible) Lockdown – the ‘Ton-up’ edition

100Day 100 of (flexible) Lockdown

On Day 100 of lockdown Colchester Borough Council looks at launching a Garden Club.  Meanwhile not to be outdone, Essex are launching:

… and we end with a bit of fun

Another news short – Colchester Zoo will be opening indoor & play areas from Saturday 4th July.

Brown wheelie binNew Garden Waste Options

Proposals for a new options-based garden waste service are being published by Colchester Borough Council.  Councillors will Continue reading

Day 98 of (new balls) Lockdown – the ‘wot, no Wimbledon’ edition

Anyone for tennisDay 98 of (new balls) Lockdown

On Day 98 of lockdown Wimbledon doesn’t start, yet another sporting casualty of the pandemic.    A few topics today, most addressing your mental or physical fitness:

Museum from Home

We’ve reported on Colchester Museums’ Museum from Home initiative before but they keep coming up with new activities so it is worth a reminder.  Some of the newer ideas are: Continue reading

Day 91 of (flagging) Lockdown – the Windrush edition

Armed Forces day flagDay 91 of (flagging) Lockdown

Day 91 lockdown coincides with Windrush Day commemorating the Windrush generation and their legacy.  You can find out more about this on Wikipedia and I ‘tip a hat to it’ at the end of the update.  The day also sees the start of a week of activity leading up to Armed Forces Day on Saturday which is where we start; other items:

Flag Raising ahead of Saturday’s Armed Forces’ Day

Continue reading

Day 86 of (stairway to) Lockdown – the ‘MC Escher’ edition

Escher impossible staircaseDay 86 of (stairway to) Lockdown

Day 86 starts off with an update from the Parish Council.  It is also MC Escher‘s birthday who was famous mostly for his ‘Impossible Stairs’ – navigating the pandemic sometimes seems a bit like this!

A couple of mini-snippets:

  • Recycling back to normal apart from textiles on 22nd June,
  • Colchester Zoo opens tomorrow pre-booked entrance only,
  • If you are going into town, remember to keep left on pavements.

After all that we have:

Quality Local Council AwardParish Council Work Continues During the Pandemic

Continue reading

Day 81 of (easing) Lockdown – the ‘Wot, no kick-off?’ edition

EURO 2020 logoDay 81 of (easing) Lockdown – the ‘Wot, no kick-off?’ edition

Day 81 is when we should have been gathering around TVs seeing the EURO 2020 kicking off – hey ho.  Instead, we can:

St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s is pleased to announce that they will be reopening, Continue reading

Day 80 of (quasi) Lockdown – the Rainbow edition

Day 80 of (quasi) Lockdown – the Rainbow edition

The news is quite thin on day 80 but here it is.  A rainbow in Castle Park, appeal for keeping up Social Distancing and, honouring the rainbow a Virtual Choir singing True Colours.

Rainbow Display Colchester Castle ParkCastle Park Rainbow

A spectacular floral display, symbolising a message of hope and unity, has been unveiled in Colchester’s Castle Park.

More than 1,500 specialist plants grown for their radiant foliage colour have been used to create the stunning rainbow feature.  It expresses Continue reading

Day 77 of (where is) Lockdown – the Gardeners edition

Day 77 of (wherNational Garden Schemee is?) Lockdown

On day 77 we start off with items of interest to gardeners and then quite a few more news items:

National Garden Scheme reopens

The National Garden Scheme has just started opening gardens.  You have to book a timed entry online (and pay Continue reading

Day 74 of (fluctuating) Lockdown – the Town Centre edition

Day 74 of (fluctuating) Lockdown

Day 74 sees a focus on Colchester town centre to start with – actions to make it greener and easier to social-distance kick us off:

Greener Town CentreThumbs Up for ‘Safer, Greener, Healthier’ Town Centre

Health experts and leading cycling and walking campaigners have welcomed ambitious plans to make Colchester town centre streets safer, greener and healthier. Continue reading

Day 66 of (un?) Lockdown – the Crash edition

Day 66 of (un?) Lockdown

Day 66 and we have news from the village first followed by:

So, on to the…


Drama this week as a local resident, allegedly under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, came to a sudden unexpected stop. Continue reading

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